I specialize in semantic HTML markup which helps to achieve W3C page validation. This, in turn, ensures better search engine optimization (SEO) to get your site to the top of google search rankings.


Cascading Style Sheets and, more recently SASS (Syntacticaly Awesome Style Sheets) allow beautifully formatted web pages which are validated, mobile friendly and lightweight.

Responsive Design

Combining modern html/ css coding to produce mobile, responsive web pages make your site faster and more efficient. Mobile responsive pages, as standard, ensure customer will visit and return to you site.

Content Management

I offer both bespoke CMS and WordPress powered CMS allowing you to update your pages yourself without the hassle of writing code and needing tech support.


My backend web development skills consists of PHP / MySQL while also leveraging WordPress CMS to provide mobile friendly, dynamic and powerful web solutions for your business.

Photography / Design

At the FrontEnd development side of things I offer photography services and graphic design to customize and realize your corporate identity and build your social media presence. I also offer Email marketing and templating as part of my services

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